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Caroline has  over 20 year experience of singing lead vocals / Backing Vocals with  6 piece Bands Trio and Duos  and has performed with talented musicians who have shared the stage with artists such as Mary J Blige, Prince, Madonna , and many more. Caroline has been fortunate  to travel extensively internationally and arcoss Europe.

“Caroline…was this ever a pleasant surprise!!! I like all of the songs, but “Lies of Handsome Men” should easily be topping the charts. That song has unlimited potential. Your vocals sound effortless. Talent, time, and work have certainly paid off; it must be great to be able to sing like that. All the instruments are top notch also.”


Caroline Morgan has recorded her cd, New Beginnings with “Limefield Recordings” in Manchester a masterful blend of smooth Jazz, Bossa and Soul with an easy listening sound.



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Colin Huntley Musician,(drummer), Programmer, Producer, at Drummixx productions

“Caroline was great to work with, Very professional,and on point Vocally”

Hannah Steventon
Founder of Butterfly Hypnotherapy

“Caroline is a very talented and professional entertainer. We hired her to sing at our wedding and found her to be extremely personable, reliable and open to ideas. When we told her we would like to make use of the grand piano at the venue, she was able to magic a pianist out of thin air to accompany her on the day. With a voice as smooth as chocolate she was perfect for setting the mood and creating a relaxed atmosphere. We didn’t want her to leave! Thank you so much Caroline for your magical performance, which will stay with us for ever x”

Kevin Briggs
Music for Media/Live Performance/Producer

“I was fortunate to have worked with Caroline on live performances with Errol Kennedy’s Imagination band. Caroline is a wonderful singer and a pleasure to work with. Always professional, punctual and a team player!”

Lizzie Jarvis
Communications Specialist, Life Coach & Trainer

“Caroline is dynamite on stage and a pleasure to sing with! A true professional with energy and charisma to die for.”

Paul Harrison
Conservationist, Managing Director of Kilimanyika Ltd, consultant in natural resources management

“Caroline is an excellent artist, leading an exciting band of musicians truly enjoyable to watch and be a part of and well organised to boot.”

Chance Howard
CEO at Big Kahuna Ent. ­ USA

” Caroline Morgan is a truly gifted singer/musician. She has the ability to capture the audience with her soulful sound. Which is a rarity these days. She brings a broad range of energy, emotion, coupled with amazing vocal talents and stage presence. Not to mention Stunning Beauty.”

Melissa Totten
Entertainment Professional

“Caroline is a fantastic talent and a delightful, positive influence on everyone. It was a honor to share the stage with her and I look forward to the next opportunity.”



Where did you grow up?
I grew up in sunny Manchester, UK

When did you first become interested in singing?
I remember singing when I was 7 years old. I was singing a Diana Ross song my Father was listening to at the time. I remember my father saying what a beautiful voice I had. It made me really happy that he liked the way I sang. I have always been very focused on the voice. Growing up and listening to whatever artist I was into at the time, whether it be jazz, folk, rock, I totally tuned into the voice, the instruments were always way in the background. I now listen to everything, but I think that’s the way it works for artists, whatever instrument you’re into is what you focus on when you are learning your craft.

What were your early influences?
Growing up my Father was a talented Saxophone player , almost every night my parents would play their jazz records. I basically was lulled to sleep hearing the great jazz singers, Billie Holiday, Elle Fitzgerald, Sam Cooke, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Sarah Vaughan, just to name a few also the tones my Father practising his Saxophone . Something that these artists all have in common, besides being the greatest jazz singers that ever lived, is the beautiful quality of their voices. They had a very pleasing, listenable sound. You can listen to them forever without ever tiring of them. It really impacted my taste in music. Today I like listening to artist with that same pleasing, very listenable beautiful sound.

When did you start singing professionally?
I started quite late in my early 20’s – I lacked a lot of confidence and was too shy to perform in front of people, I just sang by myself. As the years went by I knew I wanted to be a singer. I needed experience, so I hung out in clubs where musicians played, sat in all the Jam session or Open Mic Nights after getting to know them better I asked them if they’d let me sit in with them. The musicians were very supportive and forgiving to the new kid on the block ( Me). But it really helped me get the experience of singing with a live band and singing in front of people. It was very scary for me, but I had to do it. After gaining more confidence I gradually formed my own covers band, performing at bars, restaurants and wedding.

Soon after I ended getting a residency at Manchester235Casino performing 3 nights a week for 3 years . It was time to move on and I auditioned for a P& O Cruise Liner’s they accepted me and I ended up singing with that band cruising around the world for a couple years. They were excellent musicians and I learned tremendously from them. We played 5­/6 nights a week, sometimes 3 weeks straight without a break. It was fun, exhilarating and exhausting.

Since then,  I have lived and sing in some amazing locations and worked with very talented musicians places  such as New York, Israel , Egypt, Italy and many more.

What artists do you listen to?
I have these artists on regular rotation in my cd player: Shirley Horn, Diana Krall, Dinah Washington , Casandra Wilson, My favourite all time singer though is Elle Fitzgerald. No one’s ever been able to top her. However , I like a lot of the current music, Micheal Jackson , Whitney Houston , Amy Winehouse, Beyoncé, Prince. I listen to a lot of saxophone players such as Grover Washington, Candy Dulfer, Charlie Parker and John Coltrane.


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